Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows, who is a leading entrepreneur, investor, adviser and industrial Engineering graduate from University of Southern California has given speech on succession planning. Mehrzad Ferdows stated that “In the modern business world in case of a rapid transition for instance when a key player leaves the organization, one needs to assure that there are the right leaders in place”. Mehrzad Ferdows further added that by failing to create a methodical plan for succession, your company may not get a second chance. Succession planning boosts the accessibility of skilled and knowledgeable employees that are prepared to take up these…

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows was born on 23 July 1970. Mehrzad Ferdows is an Industrial Engineering graduate form University of Southern California in the United States (1989–1993) and is a leading entrepreneur, advisor and investor.

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows is one of the strongest voices in supporting Charities, benevolence donations and has a remarkable entrepreneurship role in developing infrastructure in poor rural areas and has dedicated his volunteer efforts for poor children as Ferdows thinks they will build our future.

Mehrzad Ferdows has given several speeches on transformational leadership, industrial marketing, and win-win negotiations with all stakeholders as Mehrzad Ferdows believes that…

Mehrzad Ferdows

Mehrzad Ferdows always stresses the necessity of having win-win-win relations with all subordinates, peers, and stakeholders to optimize productivity.

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